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Our Philosophy of Manufacturing

To Achieve "Earth-friendly Manufacturing"

In the 21st century, the world propels the reform further, and we also found a new sense of value. Under our corporate philosophy "Honest, Effort, Appreciation, Dependence, and Service mind", we strive to provide sensible products that are friendly to the human and that contribute to resolve the problems we have such as energy-saving, environmental pollution, aging society, and so on.

What’s New

Apr. 22th 2016
The movie on the manufacturing equipment project was added.
Click here to watch>>>
Mar. 2016
3-dimensional Measuring Device was introduced.
Jun. 3rd 2015
Northern Kyushu Automobile Industry Asian Leaders Promoting Forum See Details>>>
Jan. 5th 2015
Added the recruitment information(To a Japanese edition website.)
Dec. 28th 2014
Renovation of building (approx. 2640m2 expansion) was completed.
Aug. 20th 2014
Robot business newly started.
Feb. 12th 2014
Information on outdoor-use AGV was added. (Modification from man- driving to driverless)
Feb. 1st 2014
We started selling and installing the assist equipment made in China.
Feb. 1st 2014
Our Plant in Thailand was moved.
Jan. 4th 2014
AGV rental service started.
Dec. 18th 2013
We purchased the land in Kanda Town (approx. 2640m2).
Dec. 9th 2013
We purchased the warehouse in Kanda Town (approx. 660m2).
Jul. 2013
Our affiliated company was established in Thailand.
Jul. 2013
Company capital was raised by JPY 5 million.
Mar. 19th 2013
Our wireless auto-charging system was installed on AGV for outdoor-use.
Feb. 4th 2013
We stared selling Heads original assembly pipes.
Dec. 10th 2012
We started selling the magnetic tape.
Oct. 10th 2012
The governor of Fukuoka Prefecture visited our company in “Govenor’s Hometown Visiting of Monozukuri (production with craftsmanship) companies in Kanda Town”.
Sep. 19th 2012
The office was established to Singapore.
Apr. 24th 2012
Our Website was renewed.
Robot Business Started!